Reasons for this website

This website is my voice. I am active on most of the social media and they are certainly useful but I felt like adding my individual voice to the humming universe of the interweb. Follow me with a bookmark and regular visits. If there is enough interest I may set up an email update and allow members to join.

But for the nonce I simply want to build up some material and get a real notion of what I want to do.

There will be no project plan and no expectations. As a memory, or a story, or a description of a photo shoot rises to the surface of my consciousness together with the commensurate focus and energy *BANG* it will be written and published!

I am keeping a simple format and will use the posts idea of WordPress unless there is a more permanent thought that requires a page. So please follow the menu on the left and read away – comment if you like.

Kind Regards