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The Goddess contemplating Creation

A Goddess contemplating Mankind
A Goddess contemplating Mankind

I entered a competition run by a well known model to use her figure in a creative way. She was a little disturbed by my painting as she had never pictured herself with a skull face!

The painting became a portrayal of a god-like persona – Life and Death – generation and disintegration – contemplating the creation of Mankind – examining DNA.


I started this painting a few years ago, inspired by a photograph by an incredible Spanish photographer, Jose Manchado. I have just done some more work on the painting after brushing off the gecko poeps and dust. It is the kind of painting which will probably never be finished but I thought I would show you anyway.

The subject matter is obvious – a black male enfolding and loving his pregnant white woman. But, I am hoping that the symbolism will not escape everybody. Now, more than ever in South Africa, we need to ignore the trouble-makers, the rabble-rousers who are trying to sow discord between racial groups. Those trouble-makers always have their own twisted agenda. The manipulators of money, the greedy people who feed on us are at the roots of all organised discord.

We need to find common ground and love the humanity in each other.

Reconciliation - heal the wounds and create a new and promising world.
Reconciliation – heal the wounds and create a new and promising world.