The Pursuit of Life

The pursuit of life skitters
in search of the polymer-packaged,
chromium-plated, hydrogenated,
pre-recorded ersatz,
guaranteed not to awake
the sleeping beasts beneath.

Cool shadows on water,
the stillness of night,
things slow and rippling,
the under dark movements
have all significance –
allow them in.

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Harbour reflections (what might have been)

A pelican-flight life,
Assured, balanced,
Slicing harbour breeze,
Was not for me –
Jostling with crowds of crabs
Sidling in for scraps.

As I dredge the coffee grounds
In the emptied cup,
I prepare to pay
And leave.

But still
A gentle wind
Caresses me.

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To my wife

Between the warm
Of our life together,
Married years of comfort
And support,
I occasionally glimpse,
in a quiet shift of focus
The same girl that stopped
my breathing
across the room,
When you were a stranger,
beautiful and exotic,
And I knew with a mysterious certainty
That I had found you
after aeons apart .
I keep the moment, fierce
and sweet, savouring the tang
To feed it piece by piece
to the steady flame.

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